BlueBuild Energy Making Headlines

BlueBuild Energy Making Headlines

The Spectator had been looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint for some time and after checking out various systems they picked BlueBuild Energy as the best team for the job.

The fact that we use only Antaris panels was a huge factor. The company has 30 years of experience and provides the longest solar panel guarantee on the market.

They also were impressed by the PV Harvester system which will increase the output of the solar array by 20% and allow them to monitor the panels both live and on record. Ewan Melvin, our Managing Director explains why this is of paramount importance.

“Solar panels will always fail at some point. Very often it is not the panel itself, they are very reliable, but after, for example, five years there could be a loose wire connection. If one panel fails on a traditional system then all the panels in the same row will drop their output to the same as the weakest panel. The problem is with a traditional system you will never know the system is not performing properly as you cannot monitor it and you could therefore be losing valuable income and savings.With PV Harvester the customer knows immediately if there’s a problem and it can be rectified.”

Stuart Kennedy of the Spectator, added,“The advantages to us, or in fact any customer using BlueBuild Energy’s system is that we will dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, we get to use free electricity during the day and we also get paid handsomely for the electricity we produce. There is no downside, as far as I can see, only upside”

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