BlueBuild Energy Solar PV Systems Provide Schools with Savings and Income

BlueBuild Energy Solar PV Systems Provide Schools with Savings and Income

BlueBuild Energy concentrate on providing the highest quality product with the highest return on investment (19% pa) for our customers who will get a better return than any other PV Solar system in Northern Ireland and considerably better than money in a bank or building society.

Bluebuild Energy use German manufactured panels by Antaris who have been established for over 30 years with over 10 million customers. Antaris have the longest guarantee of any panel in the UK.
BlueBuild Energy has carried out over 500 installations in NI over the last few years including many commercial premises. In February 2014 BlueBuild Energy installed a 20 kW PV system on Helen’s Bay Golf Club and also on the premises of the County Down Spectator.
Income through the Government Guaranteed Income – NIROCS
Every School has a budget. By reducing the electricity spend more money can be spent on resources to educate the children. As well as saving money on your electricity bill the school will earn 18p for EVERY unit of electricity you produce. This is a 20 year income stream guaranteed by the Government, paid annually and is tax free.
Educate your pupils to be Energy Conscious – Export to the grid
Excess energy is exported back to the grid and is an additional revenue stream for the school. Budget Energy will purchase your surplus energy back at a tariff of 5 pence per unit. During term times the pupils will see what is being generated and also exported. When the school is closed it is likely to export more, particularly during the summer months when the days are longer.
Electricity Savings
Photovoltaic” is a marriage of two words: “photo”, from Greek roots, meaning light, and “voltaic”, from “volt”, which is the unit used to measure electric potential at a given point. Photovoltaic systems use cells to convert daylight into electricity.
This means the PV technology works efficiently, even in Northern Ireland!
A school will be in a position to maximize savings as the majority of the electricity produced during daylight hours will be used to run the classrooms, computers, cooking etc…

Typical payback from one of our systems is as short as 5 years and the cost can be offset against capital allowances, which can be 100% written off in the first year.
As energy costs are spiraling your school could greatly benefit from the installation of Solar PV Panels. Call us to arrange your free consultation. 02891 468222.

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