Northern Ireland Commercial Solar PV

Northern Ireland Commerical Solar PV
Northern Ireland Commerical Solar PV

Energy bills are predicted to increase by 40% over the next 10 years. Take steps to reduce your energy bills and limit the impact of future price increases.

BlueBuild Energy have carried out over 2000 installations in NI over the last few years including many commercial premises. Commercial systems installed have ranged from 12 kw, on various types of businesses including kitchen producers, local newspaper printers, nursing homes and leisure centres, to a 100 kw system at Thompson Feeds in Belfast.


Export to the grid

Excess energy is exported back to the grid and is an additional revenue stream.

Electricity Savings

You will be able to use the electricity for FREE, therefore hugely reducing your electricity bill.

You should be aware that profit will only be made once the initial upfront cost of purchasing the system has been covered.

Grants or subsidies

Avail of any grants or subsidies available

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