Northern Ireland Public Sector Solar PV

BlueBuild Energy Solar PV Systems Provide Schools with Savings and Income


Educate your pupils to be Energy Conscious – Export to the grid

Excess energy is exported back to the grid and is an additional revenue stream for the school. During term times the pupils will see what is being generated and also exported. When the school is closed it is likely to export more, particularly during the summer months when the days are longer.

Electricity Savings

A school will be in a position to maximize savings as the majority of the electricity produced during daylight hours will be used to run the classrooms, computers, cooking etc…
12kWp PV System typically generates 10,164kWh.

You should be aware that profit will only be made once the initial upfront cost of purchasing the system has been covered.

Grants or subsidies

There are currently no grants available for Solar installation.

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