Why Photovoltaic Solar?

why pv solar Photovoltaic” is a marriage of two words: “photo”, from Greek roots, meaning light, and “voltaic”, from “volt”, which is the unit used to measure electric potential at a given point. Photovoltaic systems use cells to convert daylight into electricity. The cell consists of one or two layers of a semi-conducting material. When day light shines onto the cell it creates an electric field across the layers, causing D.C electricity to flow.

The benefits of solar panels
  • You generate your own electricity. It’s a clean power source generating electricity all year long.
  • Only daylight is required, so will work all year long, even in the UK, and yes, even in Northern Ireland.
  • Could reduce your electricity bill depending on the size of system you purchase and the amount of electricity you use.
  • May increase the value of your property
  • No maintenance required. However you will need to factor in the possibility of replacing components especially the inverter during the lifetime of your feed in tariff (25 years)
  • Silent operation
  • Reduce the impact of global warming with a relatively cheap and green solar alternative.
  • Installation of solar panels is clean, very little space extra required in your house.
  • No planning permission is required to install solar photovoltaic systems. (in most cases)

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