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Unlike heat pumps and boilers, HEATESE stores a large volume of heated water, so there is no extra cost in relation to pre-heating.​ ​heats​ ​its​ ​surfaces​ ​indirectly,​ ​instead​ ​of​ ​directly​ ​as​ ​boilers​ ​do.
HEATESE only uses 17kw of energy in all it’s Oil and Gas heating systems. HEATESE uses a lower fuel pressure and a smaller nozzle, producing a smaller flame than other systems. This means HEATESE uses a lot less fuel when it’s on compared to other heating systems. In a 3/4 bedroom home, the burner in HEATESE has a running cycle of just 12 minutes in every 45 minutes cycle. A typical boiler has a running cycle of 22.5 minutes on in every 45 minutes cycle.

Indirect Heating

Heatese uses indirect heating. Gases are heated which in turn heat the internal surfaces of the system, with the heat transferring to water inside a large copper cylinder. It is more fuel efficient to heat these gases than water, and indirect heating permits the use of copper which is a better conductor.

Energy Recovery

Temperatures reach 324 degrees celsius inside the Heatese gas chamber. When these gases leave the system through its exhaust they have been reduced to 40. This is due to an aggressive energy recovery system that transfers the otherwise lost heat back into the system. By recycling this heat, your fuel is not being used to create more heat.

Energy Storage

Unlike a boiler there is no daily pre-heating cost with Heatese. A boiler uses up to 40% more oil in its first hour of operation; and will lose its heat quickly once turned off, requiring a pre-heating period again. In contrast, if turned off for 24 hours, the Heatese system will cool by 5 degrees. Heatese stores its energy for when its required. It can be run for (i) a few hours per days, or (ii) continuously e.g. with underfloor heating.

BlueBuild - Solar PV Panel installers and Insulation Specialists.

We are a long established local company with a reputation for installing quality products, using highly skilled experienced staff while following through with exceptional customer service.

BlueBuild is Northern Ireland’s Premier Solar PV Panel installer As well as this we provide all types of insulation for your home or business. These products dovetail well into the family company ethos of “SAVING ENERGY. NATURALLY”.

Our comprehensive service means we provide a one stop shop, guaranteeing each step of the way to ensure a hassle free experience for you.

We know what you want - a comfortable, draft free, warm space with plenty of hot water but without the high cost of energy.

Bluebuild can help you achieve this. We can help you save money.

We realise that there is a minefield of information and products out there which when investigating can become very hazy, complicated and confusing.

What we aim to do is to take the fuzziness and headaches away by presenting to you a clear path forward for you to decide what is best for your home or business.

Under one roof we offer everything you will need from renewables, insulation, grant application and advice to save you money.

We have cherry picked products we feel are the best in their field, some are unique to us in Ireland, so a lot of work has already been done to find the right product for you.

PV products have been MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited which is a mark awarded to all those installers of microgeneration products and services who have been independently certified in accordance with consistent standards. We are also happy to service systems installed by others and trouble shoot when we can.

Insulation work is carried out under BBA, KIWA, CIGA, PAS 2030, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations to ensure high standards are guaranteed.

What we do

We offer a professional approach to help find what is right in reducing your energy bills and lowering your CO² emissions.

During this process we will listen to your needs, provide sound advice and a mix of options as well as a free survey.

We can offer you advice for your home, your business or your community.

Who we are

The Company grew from the realisation there was a gap in the market for sound practical and professional advice being made available under one roof for the installation of renewable and insulation products.

BlueBuild employs staff with over 30 years of industry experience, meaning they are professional, knowledgeable and fully trained to understand the specialist needs of the industry.

Company clients include Northern Ireland Housing Executive, local councils and hundreds of satisfied private customers.

Transform the way you live.

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