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Since 2011 BlueBuild have been helping residential and commercial clients across Northern Ireland reduce their energy bills. BlueBuild are industry leaders in PV solar, ensuring customers find tailor made solar solutions to match their energy needs. 


Clients choose BlueBuild for our experience, accreditation, and peace of mind that we will be around to meet their future needs.

The cost of energy is at a record high and with more increases to come there has never been a better time to invest in a BlueBuild Solar PV System.

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And here’s why

Save Money

Solar energy is now the cheapest electricity in history. It decreases your reliance on your electricity supplier. You could reduce your energy bills by 50% by powering your home on daylight.

Become more

energy independent

Solar panels lessen your need to depend on an energy provider, so when energy prices rise, this will reduce the affect on you.

Reduce Your carbon footprint

As the electricity is harvested directly from daylight it is both renewable and sustainable. A typical house with a Solar PV system could save around 1.3 to 1.6 tons of carbon per year.



You will be paid for energy your solar panels produce which you don’t use, this is exported back to the grid. A BlueBuild PV System generates an index linked tax free income guaranteed in perpetuity.

Solar energy is better for your health

Burning fossil fuels create greenhouse gases which are poisonous. Solar energy is clean energy which means it doesn’t produce toxins, so it’s not only good for the environment but also good for your health.

Warranties &

After Sales

BlueBuild will provide you with comprehensive warranties and a professional after sales service giving you additional peace of mind.

changing heating settings

There are 4 main benefits associated with your BlueBuild Solar PV System installation:

Electricity Reductions


You are free to use the electricity you generate in your house in whatever manner you choose. No further convertors, adaptors or rewiring of the house are necessary to use it.


When you are using electricity the system is set up to preferentially use the electricity from your BlueBuild PV system first, avoiding the unnecessary import of costly electricity from the grid while continuing to use all of what you are generating.

Any electricity that you generate and use, is electricity you would otherwise have paid full rate for from your electricity supplier.

By having a BlueBuild PV system installed you will be immediately protecting yourself against energy price increases in the future.

Abacus savings


Mitigate Against
Energy Price Increases

working out tariff

Export Tariff


When a unit of energy is generated by your BlueBuild PV system, but it is not needed by the system owner, then that unit gets exported back to the NI electricity grid.


Once the BlueBuild PV system is installed, your home begins to earn money via this export.

By installing a BlueBuild PV system you are doing you part to lower your carbon footprint and help protect the planet.

Green Forest reduce carbon


Reduce your
carbon emissions

More Reasons to invest in a BlueBuild Solar PV

  • You generate your own electricity. It’s a clean power source generating electricity all year long.

  • Only daylight is required, so will work all year long, even in the UK, and yes, even in Northern Ireland.

  • May increase the value of your property

  • Relatively maintenance free. However, you will need to factor in the possibility of replacing components especially the inverter during the lifetime of your feed in tariff (25 years)

  • Silent operation

  • Installation of solar panels is clean, with very little extra space required in your house.

  • No planning permission is required to install solar photovoltaic systems (in most cases).


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