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insulation benefit

Fully funded cavity wall, loft insulation & cavity extraction*  with the NISEP funded Insulate Homes Scheme

BlueBuild are accredited installers for NISEP Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme.


Cavity wall insulation is the most cost effective fastest and cleanest way to save up to 35% of heat loss through your walls.

•    Guaranteed to cut fuel bills

•    Guaranteed to make homes warmer

•    Professional staff with over 35 years experience

•    No mess No fuss No disruption

•    25 year product guarantee



Heat rises and in an uninsulated home 25% of your heat is lost through the roof. Insulating your loft is a simple and effective way to save that waste and reduce your heating bills.


Extraction and Refill

Where the existing cavity wall insulation material is defective, extraction and refill can be carried out under the scheme.

* Must be a homeowner. Single person household with an annual income/pension of less than £28,000 gross. Couple or single parent family with an annual income/pension less than £40,000 gross.

If you think you are eligible for the NISEP Fully Funded Grant - give us a call.

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