Battery Storage

Want solar energy day & night? Revolutionary battery storage is now available in Northern Ireland.

How it works?

The battery Storage System converts DC electricity generated by solar panels to AC electricity for exporting to grid and load to DC for the battery.
BlueBuild Energy will be supplying high quality lithium batteries, allowing a longer lifespan for your battery system. In ‘self-use’ mode, the inverter will prioritise home usage as well as storing surplus energy in the battery bank. Only when the home use requirements are being met, and the batteries are fully charged will energy be exported to the grid.
A Battery Storage System will be of huge interest to, not only new PV Solar customers in Northern Ireland but also to many existing PV solar users who are exporting large amounts back to the grid. The Battery Storage System will allow users to harness more energy when they need it, increasing self-use from 30% to upwards of 80%, and further reducing existing electricity costs.
The system provides the very latest in technology, meaning it can monitor the generation, consumption and export of your array via a Cloud system. Battery Storage also protects the user against power outages and cost increases from power suppliers.

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